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Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler

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Description:   A Medical Appointment Scheduling software package created with the latest .NET Framework technology. Vista - Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit) ready! Greatly improves medical practice management and patient appointment scheduling for physicians. Includes dental plans with template based reports.

Full scheduling, reporting, billing capabilities with electronic medical records (EMR) features! Scheduler is independent from Microsoft Office with it's own powerful word processor! Includes a powerful report writer based on user defined templates. You can create and use in seconds unlimited templates for SOAP notes, Auto Accident Notes, Treatment Notes, Dentist or Cardiology charts, Yearly Physical and many others. Scheduler store reports per patient or per facility. You can print any document for patient signing documenting medical necessity.

- Wired network support.
- EMR and Billing modules.
- Easily find an available time slot for a patient.
- Print superbills and statements.
- Fully customizable SuperBill.
- Post charges directly from appointment screen.
- Print every aspect of a Schedule.
- Daily, weekly, monthly and timeline view.
- Keep a waiting list for patients.
- Drag and drop appointments between time slots or doctors.
- Multiple resources such as X-ray or MRI machines.
- Recurrent Appointments.
- Print Prescriptions.
- Email Reminder calls.
- All ICD-9-CM codes for fiscal year 2011

Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler was designed to be user friendly, eye-pleasing, and easy to navigate and networked.

Store patient photos, medical images, insurance cards, sounds and video. Generate eye-catching statistic charts.

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